Does the Nexus One do Multitouch? Basically the answer to this is "yes", but there are some things worth noting:

  • The N1 is currently available in US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong only. The first devices shipped for these regions all have multitouch available on a hardware level. Third-party applications downloadable from the Android Market can make use of these capabilities, thus offering multitouch on a software level. Android's own programs (the browser, the photo gallery and Google Maps) however did not support multitouch.

Since the Nexus One isn't directly available in UK yet, it doesn't come with the settings needed for automatically getting it online (via GPRS, EDGE, 3G or HSDPA) and sending MMS in the British networks. The settings depend on your provider and your tariff (prepaid or contract). I'm on the "Online simplicity 10" tariff of O2 with unlimited web bolt on, which I assume falls in the category of contract tariffs. After trying out various settings found on the internet, I finally found one where both browsing and MMS works for me.

So I finally got my hands on the long-awaited Google phone AKA Nexus One today. After a long and unpleasant battle with NatWest my credit card payment cleared, and the phone was shipped from the US on 22nd January. It took only three days to arrive at my place in UK. That's quite amazing, especially since I was warned that the personal engraving on the back cover (see below) could take up to 72 hours.