Does the Nexus One do Multitouch? Basically the answer to this is "yes", but there are some things worth noting:

  • The N1 is currently available in US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong only. The first devices shipped for these regions all have multitouch available on a hardware level. Third-party applications downloadable from the Android Market can make use of these capabilities, thus offering multitouch on a software level. Android's own programs (the browser, the photo gallery and Google Maps) however did not support multitouch.
  • Is was rumored that multitouch was not made available in US because of software patents held by Apple. These rumors are supported by the fact that the first test devices for the European market do offer multitouch.
  • However, in a surprising move, Google rolled out an Android update on 5th February, enabling multitouch on devices that previously didn't have it. You can now zoom in and out of pictures and browser pages in the same way as on the iPhone ("pinch-to-zoom"). This is great news for early adopters, as they will not have to resort to homebrew hacks or something like that. Below is a video I made of my N1 using multitouch.
  • It seems that from this point onwards all N1s worldwide offer an unlimited multitouch experience. This can't be guaranteed though (due to the patent issue), so I'll try to keep up with the news and update the article if necessary.