Electric Vehicles

Tesla's new Model 3 has finally arrived in Europe and is already available in several European countries, including Germany! And unlike at its debut in the US there is no supply shortage resulting in long waiting times. I ordered my car in early May and I can already pick it up by the end of the month, on 31th May to be precise. It will be in the Long Range Dual Motor variant for maximum distance, blue exterior, 18 inch wheels, black interior and the elusive full self-driving capability enabled.

Sadly, Tesla discontinued their lifetime free charging at their supercharging stations. However, new buyers of a Tesla Model 3, Model S or Model X can still get 5,000 miles (or 7,500 kilometers) of free Supercharging though a referral program. For that you simply need to place your order through a referral link from a previous buyer. Here's my referral code that you can use to get free Supercharger miles: https://ts.la/martin66204

To get the free Supercharger mileage when buying a new or refurbished Tesla car, it's imperative that you place your order through a referral link such as this one. You will not be able to add a referral code to your order at a later stage, so make sure to take care of this right at the start of joining the Elon Musk cult! :-)